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MH370: A Year Later

We still haven’t found the missing Malaysian airliner, but a careful examination of the available data has made it possible to greatly narrow down the range of possible scenarios. On April 16, 2015 I joined technology and aerospace journalist Eric Adams at New America NYC to discuss what we know and what it means for the future of global air travel.


The Future of Getting Lost

On July 15, I led a panel discussion, hosted by the New America Foundation, about the use of technology in disaster relief, finding lost airliners and people, and the desirability of getting lost. Panelists included New York Times travel columnist Matt Gross, an official who developed the Red Cross’ social media program, and a research scientist from the Center for Naval Analyses who used texting and tracking technologies following the Haiti earthquake in 2010.

C-Span The Future of Getting Lost



What Happened to Air France 447?

Following up my 2011 Popular Mechanics article about the fate of the doomed jetliner, I spoke at the 2012 EAA Airventure show about the latest findings by the French aviation authorities, who had just issued the final report on the accident. For ease of viewing, I’ve split the hour-long talk into five parts.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

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