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Jeff Wise is a print, online, and television journalist specializing in aviation, adventure, and psychology. An executive producer of the Showtime documentary feature “Gringo: The Dangerous Life of John McAfee,” he has served as an on-camera aviation analyst on CNN, Fox News and MSNBC and has appeared in documentaries on PBS, the History Channel, and the National Geographic Channel. His articles have appeared in Businessweek, New York, The New York Times, Nautilus, Men’s Journal, Popular Mechanics, Psychology Today, and many others. He is the author of The Taking of MH370 and Extreme Fear: The Science of Your Mind in Danger as well as of the Kindle Singles The Plane That Wasn’t There: Why We Haven’t Found MH370 (named the Best Kindle Single of 2015) and Fatal Descent: Andreas Lubitz and the Crash of Germanwings 9525.

A lifelong science enthusiast, he majored in evolutionary biology at Harvard, where studied with noted ethologist Bert Holldobler and ichthyologist Karel Liem. After graduating he moved to Hong Kong for five years and wrote extensively about adventure travel in Southeast Asia, Russia, and the Middle East. After returning to the United States he wrote Popular Mechanics’ “I’ll Try Anything” column, which required him to pilot a Zeppelin, scuba dive under Arctic ice, endure wilderness survival training, fly loops in a WWII fighter plane, explore the endless dark of the deep ocean, drive a tank, and spend the night in an igloo he built himself.

He lives outside New York City with his wife and two sons. In his spare time he bikes, runs, kayaks, and flies small airplanes and gliders.

His Twitter handle is @manvbrain. The best way to reach him is via email: jeff [at] jeffwise.net.

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  1. Hi Jeff,
    I just got through reading your article on EEW. The Coachella Valley Association of Governments (CVAG) (Palm Springs Region) has a current program to expand its 12 EEW systems that are located at fire stations to 120 cites which will include all of our public schools. Fox News (http://video.foxnews.com/v/4552977/earthquake-warning-system) and local media have covered the story. Here is the link to Sacbee (http://topics.sacbee.com/warning%20system/).

    This is not a prototype system, this system is actually working in our fire stations and was activated during the Calexico/Mexicali Easter quake event.

    Please feel free to contact me. I would like to further discuss our project with you. Thanks

    Jacob Alvarez,

  2. Jeff – good to see the UCSD seismic site getting a nod. The challenge is getting seismic research into other countries at less than $10 million a pop.

    My Mobile Seismic Safety (MOSES) system might provide the answer. Happy to send a copy to you if you provide an email.

    Cost very low. And more critically ideal for monolithic building systems (adobe, rammed earth, straw bale/limeplaster, cob that must age for a while in situ… and are therefor too expensive to test on a platform like UCSD.

  3. I must admit there is a great deal of difference in flying light aircraft and heavy transport aircraft. You have some of your presumptions incorrect. What is normal or natural behavior to a light aircraft pilot cannot be transferred to these aircraft. Please spend some time in research in an airbus training center before you make statements which are unsupported by fact. I do appreciate your superficial touch on human factors, however.

  4. Jeff
    I could tell you were a writer not an Airline Pilot after reading your Air France article. Human factors are important but there was so much more you missed. You really need to have a type rating and years of experience on the A-330 to understand what those pilots were going through that day. Its an electronic airplane that sends signals and warnings to the crew after they have been analyzed by computers. Those pilots were following those commands the airplane was telling them to do. Now if you add the fact that they were in the dark in severe turbulence it was understandable that they didn’t input the opposite control inputs going against what their instruments were telling them. Airbus is at fault here. Jeff you shouldn’t be writing something about which you know nothing about.

  5. I can certainly understand that the things we fear the most, are the most unlikely to happen. I’m 51 and have had Obsessive Compulsive Disorder since I was a teenager. For me irrational fear is far more terrifying than rational fear, which is why I joined a caving group in 1992. Exploring caves can be frightening at times, but that is the fear I enjoy, and it takes me away from my OCD. I do a lot of rappelling down deep pits, and a thought will cross my mind like “what if the rope breaks? Then I’ll fall to my death.” And that doesn’t cause me panic, but if I think about some stupid compulsion or obsession then I panic. Caving gives me much needed freedom from OCD, and works better than medication.

    Ravenswood Media is producing a documentary film about my life with OCD, and how caving and nature helps me manage my disorder. http://vimeo.com/25879553

  6. What was the original German for your quote this morning on CTC? Endless fear is worse than a fearful end(?) Also, who said it?

  7. “”Lieber ein Ende mit Schrecken als ein Schrecken ohne Ende.” I don’t know if the author is known, I think it’s just a folk saying.

  8. Jeff, good news got a call from a U. S secret service agent last THRS!! take care N967Q

  9. Jeff,
    I have just read your article in “Psychology Today” (Deadly Mind Traps) and felt I needed to commend you on your work. The article was… Well, fascinating. I loved the composition of the article and your talent for writing hooks the reader into the story. It felt like an honor to read it.
    Best Wishes,
    Isabelle C.

  10. Hello Jeff,
    I’ve been reading your articles with great interest, especially, Mind’s Eye Mental Outsourcing which appeared in The Red Bulletin. I devote a chapter in my book, Building a Better Mind, to Digital Technology, and what it is doing to our minds. Your article certainly follows right along.
    Maybe, you would like to review it. I’ll send you a complimentary copy if you will tell me where to send it.
    In the meantime, you can learn more about it by visiting my website, http://www.buildingabettermind.com

    Mort Schomer

  11. No, I thought it was apparent that that story was absurd. Apparently there is a real person by that name, though, and I want to emphasize that nothing like that ever happened and that I’ve never met Goldy Ivashkov, whoever she may be.

  12. Mr. Wise,

    There is a new breed of sociopaths. A new order is manifesting. Would you like a tour?

  13. Im a young man interested in flying and selling helicopters one day. Now where can l get Helicopter Handbooks or Magazines to familiarize my with ?. Would appreciate if l can get them. My email: phildzingai@yahoo.com From Zimbabwe. Thanx Jeff.

  14. seeking the direct attention of jeff wise in regards to a factual finding of a sunk knight templar shipwreck and a masonic traceing board from king solomon that has been found sunk here in the delaware river of pennsylvania. i seek a person who into science. found islamic alchemical metallurgy formulas for gold. king solomons temple is castle ourem portugal. i found a format print of “steganographry” in a old master wood cut/relief. for those who seek to find the holy grail and where seven cities made of gold named quivira and cibola they have been buried directly beneath castle ourem portugal. i seek a direct contact with mr jeff wise. respectfully,john m.mcnally 3rd.

  15. Dear Jeff,

    I just saw you on the ” Katie Show ” and was intrigued by your study on why some run away and some run into the fear. The amazing example of Cpl. Kyle Carpenter showed the POWER that exists within each and everyone of us.

    The state of mind of the individual at the time will determine whether they run into or away from danger .In Kyle’s example, he spoke of the great LOVE that he feels for his troop. That deep feeling of LOVE propelled him into action before he even had a thought about it!

    I think you will be very interested in learning about The Three Principles or what is also known as The Inside-Out Revolution. Check out http://www.threeprinciplesmovies.com and/or http://www.3pgc.com

    Would love to hear from you. You are amazing. Love to see so many magazines featuring your work.


    P.S. I tried to enter my website but it asked for a valid URL and I don’t know what that means so… Here is my website: http://www.threeprinciplesmovies.com.

  16. re: airliner

    Dear Jeff,

    early on a big shot from the UAE stated that “all would become clear in four days” or something like that. Stupidly I just went on to the technical stuff. The drop of 650 feet and sharp turn indicated to me an evasive maneuver against a missile or whatever.


  17. jeff,i believe the plane has landed,at the same airort it took off from. the malasian govt has not been streit.my typing is bad,because of a stroke.i would like TALK to you about this,thanks.CARL R DUMAS SEARGENT FIRST CLASS usa (ret). call me any time,im seriuos,not a joke.401 255 1481,please reply.

  18. March 19, 2014

    Ignore hired experts and distracting speculation. Until data specifically GPS records from smart devices of the passengers on Flight 370 are presented the full truth is being avoided or hidden.

    Toronto, Canada

  19. Jeff, I read your Slate article debunking the theory that the Malaysian airliner was brought down by a fire. However your article didn’t convince me. Mr. Goodfellow’s theory still makes the most sense to me. (As in medicine, when you hear hoof beats, think horses, not zebras.)

    He is at the very least correct on one aspect – we all know almost nothing about what happened, CNN’s increased ratings notwithstanding.

    If he turns out to be correct though, I do hope you will go on CNN and write another article admitting that he was correct and that you were not.

    Would you agree to do this?

  20. Not surprised to find Jeff Wise opining on the latest government/media hoax. Enjoying screwing with the goyim, Mr. Wise?

  21. Malayan Aircraft Loss 2, xApr1, Arc Ambiguity, 1 April, 2014
    Dear Sir;
    I am distressed about your loss. Good luck in your future endeavors. I have watched the evolution of the loss on CNN almost continuously. I offer the following comments of how the search might be improved.
    This supports quadrature processing on the Inmarsat system. It appears that is not being used now. The TV always shows a northern and a southern arc of ambiguity with an operating frequency of about 5.4-6 GHz. The southern arc goes from high Doppler in the south to zero in the east. The northern arc is said to be ambiguous and is a mirror image of the southern arc. You reported resolving the ambiguity by using correlation. This is clever and still desirable but I assert there is physically only one arc, reported as the southern arc.
    Your articles are informative and brilliant. Keep it up.
    You illustrate obtaining Inmarsat tracks by using a kid on a rope traveling in a circle. This generates a mirror image of possible positions shown as circles around the observer. You overlook a very important reality. The electrical signal is not real distance only but is a complex function with I in-phase and Q imaginary-phase components. Thus, as Doppler passes through zero overhead, the incomplete signal description with I components only folds the spectrum. This causes a mirror image about the fold and the ambiguity arc. If the actual signal were represented and processed correctly, the Q signal component would reassert its true self, eliminating the false image.
    A solution of the electromagnetic wave equation as expressed by Maxwell equations is a quadrature function consisting of orthogonal sin(x) and cos(x) components. We note that this quadrature expression is inherent in the signal itself, and is thereby optimized only by a quadrature processor. If we implement only positive frequencies in the ground processor, this is a suboptimal real down-translation. The ambiguous arc doubles the area that must be searched and is always difficult and unreliable. This real frequency processor remains suboptimal.
    If we apply a quadrature processor with I and Q real and imaginary functions, the spectrum can be down-translated to zero center frequency. Then, the positive frequency spectrum appears positive (plus frequency) while the negative frequency spectrum appears negative (indicating Doppler below zero). This centers the observed spectrum (plus to minus Doppler frequency). Another way of saying this is that the southern arc of the multiple circles as in your rope illustration fits the southern track, if that is the true track. The northern arc is independent, has no mirror image and requires a different fit.
    Theory always discusses quadrature signals and processing. However, components to implement such an all-digital receiver have only recently become available, often using FPGAs. Such a receiver uses a pair of analog bandpass presample filters and an A/D at the RF frequency, followed by digital translation and filtering yielding in-phase and quadrature components. Such an all-digital quadrature receiver is superior to a partially analog unit. As to the practicality of implementing the all-digital quadrature processor, my group recently designed and built such a processor for a navy ship radar operating at about 5-6 GHz. Over 100 radars have been delivered. They give far better performance than an analog system.
    Removing the ambiguous arc is extremely important as are other advantages of quadrature processing. The suggested implementations have digital filter precision, avoiding the tuning and maintenance headaches of analog units. It is an all-digital design giving better performance than achievable with analog circuitry. It also gives extreme design freedom compared to analog units. Digital filtering provides high precision that remains constant. Such a receiver eliminates ambiguity arcs that would be a major reduction of a search area. I wish to encourage implementing an all-digital quadrature system to achieve all the advantages cited here.
    The removal of the ambiguous arc is of paramount importance. A lab mock-up to test the removal of the ambiguous arc should not be difficult.

  22. Think you already understand. Only unusual part in ATC transcript is the 1:07:55 MYT repeat of “maintaining FL350”

    12:46:51 Although not clear MH370’s altitude checked in with Lumpur Control without reporting current altitude and altitude assigned by Lumpur Approach (FL180). Assume close to FL180 factoring in climbrate.

    12:46:54 Started climb from ~FL180 to assigned FL250

    12:50:09 Started climb from ~FL250 to assigned FL350..Assume climbrate of 2000 fpm would of been close to FL250 at this point (3 minutes passed since assigned FL250 @ 12:46:54)

    1:01:14 MH370 reported at FL350 (11 minutes since assigned FL350 @ 12:50:09 avg 900 fpm climb…sounds right 777 climbs slow in higher altitudes)

    1:07:55 Repeated maintaining FL350..

    As you already know proposed cockpit crew shut off acars after last transmission at 1:07 (acars shutoff between 1:07-1:37). Crew was monitoring timestamp in downlink message on MFD. Shutoff acars as shown in manual. Repeated maintaining FL350 with ATC to confirm voice comms working after shutdown of acars.

    Not concrete but circumstantial.

    Also manual of acars shutdown illustrates knowledge required to accomplish this task

    Shows how unlikely the scenario that a hijacker busted into cockpit and forced pilots or attempted to fly the plane on his own.

  23. Here is what happened to flight 370.

    April 2, 2014

    The Malaysian Government via two of their own pilots had the planes transmitters turned off mid-ocean, the aircraft then turned back towards Malaysia, landed secretly at a remote airfield. It entered a hanger warehouse or underground bunker, where the pilots vacated the plane through the pilots emergency windows at the front of the aircraft, at which time all passengers were trapped inside the fuselage and all occupants were gassed to death. The plane including all of its passengers was incinerated after a few parts and passenger belongings were kept to be later planted in the ocean to look like an accident had occurred. The Malaysian Government needed time to conduct their plan, and thus the wild goose chases, lack of information, wrong basis information, and even false information provided during the critical first few days, and sending the world on wild goose chases here and there. The world has been tricked until NOW. The Malaysian Government wanted some people dead on board flight 370, and was willing to destroy an aircraft and murder a few others (as collateral casualties) in order to accomplish the death of a few unwanted individuals. The plane was not shot down, the plane was not bombed, the plane did not crash. This is why the Malaysian Government is saying it is likely the plane will never be found. It never will be unless the Malaysian Government allows the world and the world’s people permission to enter Malaysia and look under every grain of dirt on land. The plane from flight 370 landed covertly and was incinerated. The Malaysian Government is correct in saying the plane will never be found, because it does not exist. A few pieces of the plane do exist that were not incinerated, which have already been planted or will be planted in the ocean far away as a decoy. The Malaysian military even blocked satellite imaging during a critical 2 hour period at the time the aircrafts transmitters were turned off, so the plane could not be tracked with accuracy from foreign satellites. The exact timing was all planned going from one air traffic control tower in one country to another to buy precious time to cause a lot of confusion in the days to come. The quick to light information provided by the Malaysian Government in the first hours and days was all decoys, lies, and prefabricated decoys, all to confuse and mislead the world to fulfill the final outcome of the plane never being discovered it was incinerated – rather saying it is at the bottom of the ocean somewhere. The Malaysian military even had a second aircraft shadow or silhouette Malaysian flight 370 as it approached the land after it had turned left and after it had turned off its transmitters, and this second aircraft continued flying on over land and into the ocean to mimic the flight of 370 to world satellite signals, again to provide further confusion and decoy. Flight 370 had landed and had been deliberately destroyed already. There are only two ways for the families of the innocent victims or the world to prove the Malaysian Government murdered their family members and the people on flight 370. For the world, China, U.S., Australia, Briton, France, Germany, Canada, to enter Malaysian and physically look under every rock and piece of ground, and into every computer record including high ranking military and Government officials for evidence, or by offering $50 Billion U.S. to anyone who can provide information that leads to proof and a possible conviction. There are a couple people still alive who could testify to this truth, and $50 Billion U.S. may be enough of a reward to win their testimony, however, they will likely be killed in the interim. Now, it will likely be up to the family members of those people murdered and the world to take action including Governments, to force Malaysian to open up their land, their country and their computers to the world, to look under every rock and grain of ground, and to look at every computer record, piece of data, and hard drive. If the world demands this, the world will get their proof. It will be up to the world to demand this or else Malaysia of course will never allow it (for obvious self-preservation reasons). If Malaysian refuses 100% access to all computers, and 100% access to every inch of land above, on, and below the surface (which they will fight to do) the world will never get the proof they need. It is up to the world NOW to force Malaysian into compliancy and to offer the $50 Billion U.S. It will add pressure on the Malaysian Government and it is the pressure, and mistakes being made by the Malaysian Government which will are all clues, and pieces of the puzzle. Once enough of the pieces of the puzzle are in place an image will start to appear.
    In their attempt to cover up their murder, they are making mistakes, and making comments that would be incredulous to a 5 year old child. Good night, alright; go here, go there; the stolen passports emerging so quickly, girls in the cockpit emerging so quickly, the transmitters being turned off at the circuit breakers, the jamming of satellite, the take surrogate plane that took flight 370’s place in the sky, the locations of Malaysian submarines before and after the initial disappearance, the acting stupid, the acting confused, the wild goose chases, the statement to family members the plane crashed into the ocean and will never be found, the secretive collaboration of the Malaysian Government, it’s military, and it’s police taking control of the investigation, only adds up to 1% of the pieces of the puzzle. If the family members and the world take action, demands external action, and offer substantial unprecedented reward, the puzzle will be solved and the Malaysian Government will be exposed as the perpetrators responsible for the destruction of flight 370 and the murder of its passengers.

    Copyright 2014 Timothy Johnston
    Toronto, Canada

  24. Jeff, you seem to be the only voice on CNN that is making sense. 1) What are the odds that a self-respecting airplane with the safety record of the 777 would decide to pick those 5 seconds during the handoff between Malaysia center and Ho Chi Minh center to experience any kind of malfunction, no less a “catastrophic” failure. But CNN is still talking about fires, etc. 2) I was a Physics major (and private pilot) so was amused at the CNN explanation of pings from the black box bouncing off layers of temperature gradients in the ocean. How could a signal capabable of 2 miles be picked up between two sensors 17 miles apart? Why haven’t the same people dropped a black box into a known location, determined the radius of detection, and compared with the other signals that have been received? 3) Why do we assume that the 777 had to fly one of the two arcs? Couldn’t the inmarset satellite signal have actually picked up the western perimeter of it’s maximum detection, had the plane flown due west? At 35,000 feet, the 777 could have easily reached Somalia, Iran, Yemen or, by skirting the west coast of India and travelling up through western Pakistan, Eastern China. Considering the recent Al Qaeda activity in Yemen, that should be suspect (and this should not be considered another “outlandish theory” as CNN likes to label anything that resembles logic). Even a 777 can be camouflaged. 4) It seems that Malaysia is preventing any contact with some of the pilots’ family. Wouldn’t it make sense that the perpetrators are holding them hostage in order to force one or both pilots to comply? Recall the the last-minute cell phone call from the pilot to a disposable phone. I believe the plane has been flown to a pre-designated area under full control of one or both pilots. What would be gained by crashing into the Indian Ocean? The smokescreens by Malasia (and China), including false pings, could easily be explained as a means of protecting the families of these pilots and/or the passengers.

  25. At last! Someone on the internet is engaging in critical thinking and inductive reasoning regarding MH370!

    I won’t repeat the details that have been eloquently explored by Mr. Wise, Tim and Jim, but the hypothesis that I believe NO ONE has eliminated is that the flight landed somewhere in Malaysia, perhaps Langkawi International. The Malaysian government’s horrendous campaign of misinformation may have resulted from their attempt to hide their complicity in the hijacking. They perhaps sent international search crews all over the Indian Ocean while arranging to remove the blackbox pinger and dump it off the coast of Australia.

    In any event, I predict the plane will never be found in the Indian Ocean where everyone’s looking, because only the pinger was sunk there.

  26. Jeff, you are the only expert that has the info right on MH370

    I say they should put the towed pinger down where they got the best pings, then take a test pinger on a long line and drop from a different ship down to ocean floor in all different areas. That way try to duplicate with the pinger you drop in the ocean . When both ships hear the pinger, than the ship could be close by where you dropped the pinger. This will take less time searching with BF21.

  27. Hello Jeff:

    Very interesting new theory of the company “Georesource” The Bay of Bengal! Is it possible? probable reliable and or in fact there??? They claimed this morning on CNN that the location on the Bay of Bengal site was too close, far less than the 7 and half hours of flying time. I would like to know Jeff, is it remotely possible that the plane flew very low over teir initial turn west route then flew straight over the Maldives thus making the claims that fishermen saw the plane around 5am and then it made the turn towards the Bay of Bengal crash landing intact on the ocean and therefore this new research company having and providing images of a plane possibly resting on the ocean floor almost fully intact? Just a thought. Would like to know the distance betweeen KLP and the Maldives islands and the maldives to the point in the Bay of Bengal in question. Would love to hear your thoughts on the matter. I truly beleive the plane is NOT in the Southern Indian Ocean and would love for them to start entertaining progressive thinkers like yourself and try out some other leads and possibilities.

  28. So after watching Why Planes Vanish on Nova, I came away with some questions about MH370 that I think need to be asked if not already raised and answered.

    1. Given the thoroughness of apparent planning and precise execution of the disappearance, could there be any combination of actions that would result in a fantom transponder being deployed to generate the 7 signals that have led to searching in the southern Indian Ocean? If so, the plane could have been stolen and, in fact be hidden somewhere on land. I could imagine a relatively quick clandestine landing, removal of the transponder system, and using a small plane to lead the experts on a wild goose chase ending in ditching of the transponder someplace in the ocean. Why else turn it back on?

    2. With all due respect to Chris Ashton and the math applied to the captured signals, could the plane have been flown at speeds and directions that took it out of the sight of radar to some location (perhaps N. Vietnam?) where it is being transformed into a vehicle for doing nasty things? The plane was apparently being piloted — why assume a straight line flight for the next 7 hours? If the perpetrator(s) were smart and skillful enough to make the plane become invisible, might they also have changed the doppler correction of the transponder?

  29. Hi Captain
    the B772 at 160 mph – no way .A decoy killerdrone that is getting ready for its self destructiton yes , certainly . At Igari an aircraft swap toke place, shaded off by inhouse arrangements with their PSr radar
    the B772 went right for 110 degrees the decoy jet however went chandelle right 270

  30. decoy at 45000 makes the show VAMPI GIVAL IGREX and Mrs Tee observes on her 3rd sighting the self-destruction process of this killerdrone, also observed by the Sukoi30’s above who had control R/C over it. Our Boeing never went westbound,this Boeing went along intl waters south china sea out into pacific
    signals to the next satellite stormingly jammed, POR inmarsat ,AT EET 00.38 the BUS went out for 20 min BUS 5 = Honeywell SATCOMM, Capt Shah may have crawled downstairs to find out why he lost control over this aircraft, pull some CB’s down there. Pingrings are all manmade from GONG KERAT air base where the whole operation was based at.UPLINK times delays producing pings indicating MH370 closing in on the SAT IOR and diverging later passing 03.20 local time . They anticipated my calculations i come out exactly dead centerline ZPPP in china RWY21 with pingring 00.11 after correcting a NAV glitch of 90NM , for many weeks i was convinced of safe landing at ZPPP m with overflight consent to Burma’s airspace,All pings fit perfectly.It is a false lead though. The real landing was further east ,a lot further east in NK i would guestimate . A chip SIM card was prepayd in Malaysia , onboard with a passanger who planed to use it in china.
    Somehow that card made it into a handy of a Lady in central china Hunan changshai end nummer 7789 and the passangers MOM wanted to call everyday since march, she finally reached her son , but – female voice .- surprise , it was not her son and how she got the card with this number (no dublicates in 22 millions) is yet to come out. If the card made it through a safe landing ,all 239 are alive .

  31. Jeff,
    I would like to speak with you about you giving a presentation at an aviation convention. Would you please contact me so we can discuss? I’m not sure how to get in touch with you other than through your “Leave a Reply” block.
    Thank you.

  32. Dear readers of this blog,

    Mr Wise’s theory throws most facts regarding known speed of the aircraft out the window! Work completed by Duncan Steel and his group.

    It’s a shame Mr Wise is attempting to make money from this disaster with an ill informed theory. What it will do is show the world he is not a balanced person.


  33. Dear Mr. Wise,
    Upon reading the first articles about the Asian flight, I wrote to as many in our government whose addresses I could find. My theory is that the plane is being fitted out to hold an atomic bomb. It will contain a transponder which will fool our aircraft identification systems. It will be flown into US airspace, and we will not suspect anything. My guess is that the target city will be either NYC or Washington DC.

  34. Great “How Crazy am I” article. I am not a conspiracy theorist but I personally am not convinced that 9/11 itself wasn’t an inside job.

    An interesting CNN report came out on March 24, 2014 just shy of a week after MH370 disappeared. http://www.cnn.com/2014/03/24/world/europe/summit-plane-intercept/

    Quoting directly from the report: ‘The Royal Dutch Air Force scrambled fighter jets on Monday to intercept a cargo plane that entered Dutch airspace without proper clearance as world leaders gathered in the Netherlands for a nuclear security summit.

    The LAN Cargo Boeing 777 bound for Amsterdam from Miami “was diverted away” from Dutch airspace due to restrictions around the summit in The Hague, Edmund Messchaert, spokesman for the Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice, told CNN.

    Messchaert said Dutch F16 fighters followed protocol and escorted the plane to Germany without incident.

    He said LAN Cargo apparently forgot to apply for permission to land or didn’t know airspace restrictions were in place for the summit.

    A statement from the hauler, based in Chile, confirmed Flight UC 1503 wasn’t able to land in Amsterdam and was diverted to Frankfurt “because of an error in the special classification of the flight.”

    The plane was later permitted to continue to Amsterdam, the airline said.’

    What the report doesn’t mention is that this nuclear security summit held in The Hague, was attended by 53 of the worlds national leaders including Barack Obama. Wouldn’t this have been a convenient location to drop a converted 777 packed with explosives. It would have have turned this planet on its end regarding world leadership. This just seems to coincidental.

  35. Within a week of the disappearance of MH370, I suggest to anyone who would listen, that it seemed strange to me that the world’s attentions was being diverted away from what Putin was doing to dismember Ukraine, by the very mysterious disappearance of MH370. Only today, 3rd March 2015 after reading Jeff’s piece in the NY Mag (via BBC World Service) have I finally found someone who holds the same theory as I do. Curiousier and curiousier me thinks!

  36. Good day Mr Wise.
    I have written a document pertaining to air safety. This document of mine I have send to the NTSB and after the NTSB has read my document, they the NTSB has explained to me why they could not make use of my document but has encouraged me to pursue with my document. My first attempt was with Mr Greg Feith. When I contacted Mr Feith and asked him I he would be interested in receiving my document, to study it and later to present it to Boeing. This Mr Feith agreed to and I am yet to hear from Mr Feith again. This all happened almost to years ago. There after I tried going the direct route by trying to contact Boeing and Airbus yet without success. I have also tried to contact some gentlemen at Flight Global and I am still waiting on an reply. Now this the reason why I am trying to contact you, hoping that you be interested to help me or oblige with contact details of an credible that would be able to help me.
    I hope this mail reach you, Mr Wise.
    Kind regards.
    Kurt Jacobs.

  37. I only stumbled today upon your New York article and website but I have had for almost a year the same interpretation of the MH370 occurrence as yours. I am one of the so-called “aviation experts” in Canada and I am interviewed on national radio and TV every time there is an aviation occurrence. I was on TV yesterday for comments on MH370 anniversary and I stated, again and again, that we have no proof whatsoever that this B777 is not in perfect airworthy condition somewhere in the world. By analogy, no one can say that a person is dead until this person’s corpse has been found and identified by forensic experts. At this time, the probality that this aircraft is “safe and sound” somewhere is greater that the probability of its crash because no evidence of a catastrophic destruction has been found either on land or at sea.

    The major, and 100% reliable evidence in this event, is that a criminal act was committed after the airliner left Malaysian airspace: the transponder was turned off and the course was altered without ATC clearance.

    If there is a crime, we have to think like a criminal, that is “what can be the profit from this crime”. In the aviation world, we have an abundant record of criminal use of aircraft to commit an agression; the 9/11 occurrence is a vivid example. Using an aircraft to destroy lives and property is now the major fear in air transportation, to the point that many security systems have been implemented. Not only every passenger and its baggage are scanned, but any airliner that would stray off course would be shot down by fighter planes without much warning.

    Still, a passenger plane remains the best vector to carry out an attack on a major city. It would be even “better” if all the passenger payload was replaced by a conventional or atomic explosive device.

    Now, of course, an aircraft could not fly thousands of miles unnoticed. But this aircraft loaded with armament could “piggyback” on an other airliner proceeding to a major city in Europe, Asia or Middle-East. With transponder off, it would catch up unnoticed from above and behind with the other flight in a non-radar environment (no Primary Radar) and continue to any destination, still unnoticed, even in Primary and Secondary radar environment. The Primary radar resolution would not be sufficient to detect the criminal aircraft on top of the other one and the Secondary radar would not pick up any return on the criminal aircraft because the transponder would be turned off. This aircraft would then peel off from the other one near the major city where the first aircraft is heading to.

    This is not conspiracy theory; it’s a simple criminal plan. Criminals are not stupid, contrary to what movies want us to believe. Furthermore, there are enough kamikaze terrorists to fly such an aircraft but, simpler like that, such an aircraft could probably be radio-controlled with simple off-the-shelf electronics added to its original equipment because a B777 is a fly-by-wire aircraft.
    There is however an easy fix to such scenario that relies on a single weakness in transport aircraft: they don’t have a rearview mirror! A basic TV camera on the tailplane would offset such weakness. The output signal from the camera fed to a cockpit monitor would be just what is required. With a motion or object detector, continuous monitoring by the crew would not even be required. The cost of the camera would be peanuts in comparison with the loss of thousands, maybe millions of lives and billions of property.

  38. MH370 – THE TRUTH : FACTUAL INCIDENTS ABOUT MH370 OVERFLYING KERALA-INDIA – TRIPLE OBJECTIVES BEING transfer of secret Mearsk cargo to Diego Garcia Military Airfield&refueling in Maldives,Spiriting away of 20 Freescale Electronic Warfare experts & primarily a 9/11 type plot to crash our area – MH370 CURRENTLY BEING HOLED UP IN SRILANKAN AIRFORCE BUNKER

    Searching for MH370 would reprove the slightly embellished old saying that ‘Facts are indeed stranger than fiction’ as also ‘Truth is always bitter’ as the following real life incidents reveal.Finding MH370 and rescuing its passengers is only possible by taking into account the following factual incidents of its landing.And ocean searches are futile when the overwhelming possibility of landing is ignored.

    That the triple objectives of MH370 hijack by rogue pilot was to transfer(such smuggling is routine and would have taken place even if the flight outcome was normal) anywhere between 2-20T of secret[{in this case believed to be contraband heroine smuggling by D-Company of Karachi also judging by the elation among the DComp-ISI-MSS module members here boasting that the entire world cannot find the MH370,esp kingpins Bombay Murali(Mumbai Murali),advs S Manoj of Prakkanam&Mathur Suresh of Pathanamthitta where the latter was arrested many years back on Feb5,2005(VIDE all press&media reports including Indian Express,The Hindu&Malayala Manorama etc dt 6/2/2005&later but again covered up by the predominantly rogue police&parties which are the worst in the world and under payroll of DComp etc modules due to gross&unchecked corruption. now seriously threatening social,national&international security as the MH370 episode shows)in a counterfeit currency case as well as increased threat perception also from extensive rogue sections here}Mounting threat levels here from the DComp+ modules&rogue sections(who are unto tracffcking to terrorism many of which has been foiled by my Intelligence&Crime stopper alerts,including a publicized threat by JEM with collaboration of the DComp+ module in the SABARIMALA temple bombing plot in Jan 2001 VIDE press report in The Hindu&Malayala Manorama),to murders for land grabbing to betting&blackmagic sacrifices etc)of police ever since I reported about MH370 OVERFLYING here,surely indicate that the entire hijack plot has been partly or fully plotted&financed by DComp-ISI-MSS combine on the heinous mission of dominating world by SUBVERTING other countries but fortunately has started backfirng upon themselves]Maersk cargo(about which neither Malaysian Airlines and govt nor Maersk would disclose)to rogue sections at Diego Garcia military Airfield and refuel at Maldives(despite credible sightings by many people in Maldives,govts are covering up and such a roundabout flight with deviations and detours can only be possible after refueling);spiritng away of 20 odd Freescale Electronic Warfare experts by the predominant rogue sections in Iran&China to learn exclusive patented EW tech(otherwise more suitable flights could have been used for the primary purpose);the primary purpose was for a 9/11 type crash over Prakkanam area of Cheneerkara Village in Pathanamthitta Dist of Kerala state in India.

    Where I was witness to the large and low flying around 2000-3000 metres altitude and very
    slow flying B777 just after 9am IST (GMT+5.30) on Sat March 8,2014 OVERFLYING directly overhead from North to South direction.Though some people including children in our area had looked in wonder at the large plane but nobody in their wildest of imagination could ever think it was MH370 assuming it to have crashed in the South China sea or hijacked into nearby areas.The Maldives sighting departing from NW to SE direction a little before 7am IST (6.15-6.30 Maldivian time GMT+5)mean MH370 had taken a detour along the Eastern coast(Tamil Nadu)of India to overfly our area from N to S.Which in itself is BREAKTHROUGH LOGIC given the close to ~2hour gap in timings of Maldives&Kerala sightings.The motive of the plot to crash here would be that I had become a hindrance to rogue sections predominanting nations in their aim to grab Global Supremacy by SUBVERTING other nations VIDE my forecast of Terrorism and Economic warfare(VIDE favourable reply No FMD.MSRG.839/02.09.010/2013-14 DT NOV 19,2013 from Reserve Bank of India to take corrective steps in countering predatory etc economic policies of rogue nations against which I had petitioned the PM of India)BOOMERANGING upon its originators viz Pakistan and China.

    The matter was reported by me to Media-MI the same day and NIA,Interpol and FBI later.On 26 March another identical B777(but without the reddish streaks of the earlier)was seen OVERFLYING our area in the southern sky from SE to NW direction at 10.30am which on tracking was found to be the Emirates EK651 Colombo-Dubai flight departing from Colombo at 10.05 then.This indeed made the cat come out of the bag since this flight at around 3000-4000 metres alt instead of its normal flight alt of (~10000 metres but this flight dropped/flew low by ~20000ft )35000 ft and slow too deviated more than 80kms south toward our area for what can be rightly inferred as a trial run.This again was reported by me to NCTC,Boeing,Freescale,CTBTO etc.

    Which also mean that out of the 5 airfields where the rogue MH370 pilot was training only two namely Male and Diego Garcia has been disclosed with 2 other in South India most probably being Coimbatore IAF (a possible touchdown is suspected for logistic support because of MH370 accurately flying directly overhead our house despite all signals&transponders being switched off and alternate GPS support of rogue nations too is expected)a hotbed of rogue activities&flights and abnormal fighter crashes due to sabotage by removing securing split pins as was found in AMBALA JAGUAR crash where another JAGUAR readied for flight(VIDE Warbirds of India-crash report archives)was also found with the crucial SPLIT PIN removed in May7, 2004(against which I had to complain to Indian PM&military earlier VIDE unfavourable reply No. Air HQ/S 20170/2/1/Al(S) DT 7/Dec/12 from Directorate of Intelligence-IAF)and most probably the 4th being our area and the 5th and final SRILANKAN one is of particular interest in being at the terminal end of the flight path plot will surely give lead as to where exactly MH370 now is that is secretly holed up in an SL AIRFORCE bunker.More the so since to carry out their failed third objective of crashing in our area MH370 needs to be parked in airfields in neighbouring countries or in India itself near to our area close to the southern tip of India and not far away in Africa or Australia.MORE SUSPICIOUS IS THE MYSTERY WHY SRILANKA ALONE WAS EXCLUDED FROM THE SEARCH TEAM EFFORTS SINCE SEARCH IN AND AROUND SL WOULD HAVE REVEALED MH370 ITSELF.AS ALSO THE 9.15 PING LOCATIONS ARE BEING WITHHELD TO SHIELD SRILANKA AND MH370 OVERFLIGHT OVER MALDIVES AND INDIA. The real life incidents though unbelievable are true to its fullest extent and and is a definitive lead.Though I had informed the authorities from Media-MI,NIA to NCTC upto PM as well and very recently JACC&AFSB-Australian search team but for obvious reasons of powerful rogue sections in many countries from Malayala,China,Russia,Pakistan,India,SRILANKA,Maldives,USA involved in the matter,there is a grand cover up at national and international levels.I cannot afford not to complain and take up the matter since myself being the primary target and so with the plane stashed away in neighbouring countries poses immense and imminent danger.And only due to the Divine Grace of Lord Vishnu and the protection of our Family-clan deity Durga Devi temple and Prakkanam Bhadrakali temple that fortunately nothing happened with the plane and passengers intact and an emergency and forceful search team will be able to find the plane and rescue the passengers&crew.So international cooperation and coordination is imperative for which tactful handling is required so as not to hurt national sensibilities even as the extensive and well entrenched rogue sections are isolated and exposed.That a far more sophisticated operation than 9/11 was carried out can be understood with rogue section in different countries helping and it is not a delinquent pilot out of his mind flying away with a plane

    With no nearby airports and our area being neither civil nor military flight corridor there is no reason for the B777 MH370 to overly our area and that too directly overhead other than to crashland here.

    A day after the killing of Pakistan Taliban chief-Mehsud by American drone attack,on Fri 1/11/2013 a rogue fighter jet most probably on tracking&unmistakably was a SUKHOI fighter jet from THANJAVUR AIRFORCE STATION which overflew here from NEE to SWW direction with great speed but malicious intent just after 3am but due to Divine Grace they could not attack because to tell the truth they are afraid of my downing their jet by my Yogic or Meditation power.Nevertheless I cannot afford not to complain since the risks increase manifold during wartime but both Pakistan and China really fear fighting India since they are still overawed by the Indian victory in 1971 divesting East Pakistan(now Bangladesh)from West Pakistan(now only Pakistan)and hence their mean&cowardly multi-decade long terrorism etc spreading worldwide and now culminating in the MH370 hijak.Had timely action been taken against the Dcomp-ISI-MSS(the illknown Chinese intelligence-Ministry of State Security) module&their offshoots and the extensive&well entrenched rogue sections then things would not have come to such a pass.Instead the national&international coverup is only inviting Nature’s wrath in the ever increasing intensity&frequency of Cyclones to Earthquakes which cannot be explained by Global Warming alone.Clearly&Certainly it is prudent to realise that the citadels of power will get destroyed if GOVTS DONOT WALK THE PATH OF RIGHTEOUSNESS and REMEDY the gross travesty of Justice

    Since such a MH370 stashed away in our neighbourhood countries poses immense danger here,to strategic and VVIP areas so Indian PM,Army,Navy and AIRFORCE have been informed.Though there is less of a chance of a second attempt here due to Divine Grace and Protection but World capitals are all the more at risk from its reuse or such use of other passenger planes.

    Therefore to put search operations on track in and around the five suspected airfields found on the rogue pilot’s simulator,recently AFSB&JACC-Australia entrusted with search operations too have been informed.Since hope lies in the old adage ‘Better be late than never’.And with speedy action tactfully handled it is never too late and passengers and crew can still be saved for which the help and right action of media,organisations&individuals as well as authorities is very much essential. Had the MH370 crashed here as planned then the whole world media and security would have dawned here for coverage&probe.Undoubtedly nothing but solely due to Divine Grace now ATLEAST that crashing has been thwarted ensuring plane&its passengers to remain intact and what is mandatory now is a meticulously and forcibly directed emergency search that will unfailing find MH370 and save the passengers&crew.And far from being just a law enforcement one due to the coverup the issue is already turning into a high stakes military matter. ESP IN LIGHT OF THE COVERT NUCLEAR THREAT FROM CHINA IN THE FOLLOWING WEEK AFTER MH370 HIJACK TO SUPPRESS FACTS&NEWS FROM EMERGING AS ALSO A MILDER RECENTLY AFTER THE 100DAYS,IT WOULD BE WISE ON THE PART OF PREDOMINANTLY ROGUE NATIONS TO REALISE&BE FOREWARNED THAT WITH MOST IF NOT ALL OF THEIR COVERT&HEINOUS TERRORISM&TREACHERY STRATEGIES BOOMERANGING UPON THEMSELVES,THE CONSEQUENCES ON THE ACCURSED COUNTRIES WILL BE CALAMITOUS WITH SOCIAL,CONVENTIONAL&ESP N-THREAT BACKFIRNG

  39. Hello Jeff.
    I know you have been working very hard on MH370 and I really appreciate your point of view on that. If you have the time and energy, I have a comment about Flt 8501. (I am not the person who has been driving you crazy about MH370 on a similar topic).

    Has anyone considered the possibility of a POSITIVE lightning strike on AirAsia 8501? The weather and flight conditions seemed perfect for this relatively rare type of lightning threat; and it sounds like the flight control computers were damaged/mal-functioning. Aircraft are hardened but positive strikes can be severe, much more severe than lower altitude negative charge strikes.
    Please see the attached link; very interesting!

    Thank you.

    Ron P.

  40. Jeff,

    You are headed in the right direction, literally, as in NORTH. And it WAS state-sponsored agents. Just not Russian.

    Considering the sophistication of the planning and execution of this operation, it was done by a highly sophisticated group with vast training, coordination and resources at its disposal.

    WHY would any of them want this plane to be taken off its course, all communications shut down, and to disappear without a trace?

    Consider how super powers, say the US for example, might protect itself from a specific type of terrorist threat – namely a suitcase nuclear devise or other WMD being flown into a major populated, strategic city and detonated, on an international flight from a country where terrorists, say Muslim extremists, are known to exist? In other words, what measures does the US take to keep a WMD from being flown in on a direct, commercial flight from a hostile country like Egypt, Saudi Arabia, etc., to New York or Washington DC to be detonated upon arrival?

    Of course, the first line of defense would be to keep such a WMD from making it on the plane in the first place, but that can’t be the last line of defense. Security, baggage handlers, etc. in such countries can’t be blindly trusted. They could be terrorist or sympathizers themselves, and facilitate the placing of a WMD on a flight bound for the US.

    No, it would be naïve to assume that countries like the US don’t have a plan in place in a case where it’s learned that a plane already off the ground has a WMD on board for the purpose of inflicting major damage at the plane’s destination.

    Would they just shoot the plane down and kill a few hundred people in order to save a few million? Quite possibly, as a last resort, but that scenario has major problems, as well. The WMD might still be detonated by any terrorist(s) on board, albeit not over its intended target, but even if the WMD was never used, the other terror target would be hit with pinpoint accuracy – the economic target. Imagine the repercussions and ripples if the US shot down a commercial plane from say, Egypt, that had a suitcase nuke on it, minutes before it got to its intended target – Washington DC. Panic would still ensue because if 1 WMD made it on board, how many others could there be out there?

    International travel would instantly come to a halt. The world’s economies would crash.

    So, if you are a world superpower, what do you do to prevent from having to publicly shoot down a plane with a WMD that’s already in the air, and still keep it from making it to its intended target?

    You have agents, disguised as normal citizens, on the plane with the authority and means to execute various plans to cover a variety of emergency situations, including learning of a WMD onboard.

    The US has armed federal marshals on domestic flights, so it would be reasonable to assume they have equivalent international agents on international flights, especially from certain, suspect countries. In fact, it would irresponsible for the US to not have such agents on such flights.

    In a scenario where US secret agents on an international flight are alerted that the plane they are on headed for Washington DC has a suitcase nuke “somewhere” on the plane, terrorist(s) with a trigger may or may not be on the plane, or it might be a bomb that can be remotely detonated, say by cell phone, what would the pre-planned operation be that the agents would execute?

    First priority would be to divert the plane off its original programmed flight path and away from any other highly populated, strategic locations.

    Secondly, prevent the device from being detonated at all.

    Last, but not least, keep the entire episode from becoming known to the public.

    Flight 370 was bound for Beijing – the capital of China with a population of over 21 million. It was coming from Malaysia, where Islam is the dominant religion. Malaysia has produced numerous terrorists such as Azahari Husin, Noordin Mohammed and Zulkifli Abdhir – all Islamic extremists responsible for multiple incidents. They are/were bomb-making experts and trained many in the “art”.

    China has its own “war on terror”. Muslim Uighur separatists have been seeking to leave China and form a Uighur majority country since just after the Soviet Union fell in 1991. Muslim Uighurs attended extremist camps all over Afghanistan pre-2001 and there used to be several at Guantanamo Bay. They consider China to be an occupying and oppressive occupier. They have carried out terror incidents in China, and China has responded with strikes and raids. If there is any group that has a motive for attacking China it is one within the Muslim Extremist Uighur Easter Turkestan Independence Movement. In fact, one of Chinese Muslim extremist groups within that movement DID claim “credit” when the plane went missing. They are the only ones who have.

    Maybe the group didn’t know all the details, but were they already aware that the plane was going to be used in some way as a weapon against China?

    Somewhere in the mixture of Malaysian Muslim extremist bomb-making experts, Iranians (who are rapidly developing their nuclear abilities) traveling on stolen passports, and the Muslim extremist Chinese separatists, maybe they got a suitcase nuke or other WMD on the plane designed to destroy Beijing, its citizens and the Chinese economy.

    If you are the Chinese, are you going to leave the security of 20+ million of your people and the future of your country up Malaysian airport security screeners and baggage handlers? Of course not. You are going to have highly trained Chinese agents on the plane, ready to execute a pre-planned strategy based on the threat. The Ministry of State Security (MSS) is one of the most powerful and most active Chinese intelligence agencies. Its most successful spies are agents stationed throughout the world posing as ordinary citizens.

    Evidently 20 employees of Freescale Semiconductor, which develops components for hi-tech weapons systems and aircraft navigation among other things, were on board Flight 370. This Texas-based technology firm has several manufacturing sites in Kuala Lumpur and China; 12 of the employees were from Malaysia and eight were from China.

    The passengers on board were engineers and other experts, said Mitch Haws, Freescale vice- president, global communications and investor relations.

    “These were people with a lot of experience and technical background and they were very important people,” Haws said.

    Again, to think that some of these highly skilled Chinese workers or other Chinese on the plane were not spies/agents would be naïve.

    Perhaps sometime after take-off of Flight 370, the Chinese secret agents on board receive word from Beijing that there is a suitcase nuke (or other WMD) on the plane, and to execute the pre-planned operation for such an event. Either through cooperation with the pilot/co-pilot or coercion, the highly skilled Chinese agents calmly and quietly enter the cockpit and take control of the situation. The passengers are unaware of anything unusual going on.

    The Chinese agents re-program the plane’s flight computer to take the plane off its original destination, and put it on another pre-planned course.

    This accomplishes priority #1 of taking the plane off the flight plan to Beijing.

    They have the co-Pilot maintain the appearance of “normal” by telling ground control “all right, good night” and give no indication to the passengers that anything is wrong, other than maybe announce a slight alter of the flight plan to “avoid turbulence”. This is to avoid tipping off any terrorist(s) on board that their plan has been discovered and prevent a mid-air detonation of the bomb.

    Without knowing who the terrorist(s) on board are (if there are any on board) and/or where the WMD is, how do you disable the terrorists and/or their ability to detonate the WMD? Any announcement of a bomb, or questioning of passengers, or a search of the plane is going to obviously alert any terrorist(s) on board that they plot has been discovered.

    Taking the plane to a very high altitude accomplishes several objectives. Everyone without an oxygen mask goes unconscious and eventually dies. The agents, and possibly the pilots were the only ones with access to oxygen masks to maintain consciousness. That altitude also makes it impossible for a cell phone signal to be established were someone to try to detonate the bomb with a phone call. Once every passenger, meaning every potential terrorist, on board is dead, the plane can drop to the lowest possible altitude and continue on its new flight path to its ultimate destination to avoid radar detection. This is to keep any terror groups from knowing where the plane is, as they might try to have a “chase” plane catch the jetliner and remotely explode the bomb. This also keeps anyone else from knowing where the plane ultimately went and what ultimately happened to the plane.

    This is also why they disabled all transponders and communications – so the plane couldn’t be tracked or communicated with.

    So where did the plane go to? The Chinese would want it be somewhere hidden, where they alone have access to it to defuse any threats, and to destroy any evidence that there was ever any threats to avoid the panic and collapse the would result if it became public knowledge a suitcase nuke was nearly detonated over Beijing. One possible destination would be China’s Taklamakan Desert. The region – described by Encyclopaedia Britannica as a “great desert of Central Asia and one of the largest sandy deserts in the world” – has no shortage of space far from prying eyes. The BBC’s Jonah Fisher tweeted on 15 March: “Being briefed by Malaysia officials they believe most likely location for MH370 is on land somewhere near Chinese/Kyrgyz border.” This theory rests on an extraordinary run through the radar systems of several countries, but that is exactly what the new pre-determined flight plan programmed into the computer would have been designed and capable of doing.

    Huang Huikang, the Chinese Ambassador to Malaysia, said that search and rescue operations in the Chinese territories of the northern corridor had begun, Xinhua news agency reported. Mr Huang also confirmed that background checks on Chinese nationals did not uncover any evidence suggesting they were involved in hijacking or an act of terrorism against the plane. Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei also told a briefing that China had deployed 20 satellites to search for the missing jetliner in Chinese territory which covers a northern corridor through which the aircraft could have flown.

    In other words, China is telling the world not to bother looking any deeper into the Chinese citizens on the plane and not to bother looking in China itself because they have all of that covered. How convenient.

    Other than that, it is striking how quiet the government of China is being on this incident. The vast majority of the passengers on the plane were Chinese on a flight headed for China, yet the Chinese seem to be letting others take the lead in the investigation and not making demands or complaints about the “investigation”.

    If this is what happened, it obviously would be a highly kept secret. Top US officials probably know what really happened, and President Obama may have accidently let it slip at the Hague a few days after the incident. He was taking questions on Russia’s aggressive actions and out of left field said Russia’s actions “don’t pose the No. 1 national-security threat to the United States. I continue to be much more concerned, when it comes to our security, with the prospect of a nuclear weapon going off in Manhattan.”

    Where did that come from??? Well, what’s the most likely scenario a nuke would go off in Manhattan? Muslim terrorists sneak a suitcase nuke on a commercial flight from a Muslim dominated country headed to the intended target, such as New York. Again, he made this comment a few days after the Malaysian flight “disappeared”. The disappearance and the reason for it was on his mind when he answered an unrelated question.

  41. Why Planes Vanish (MH 370)

    Email list:
    Miles O’Brien (miles@milesobrien.com), Jeff Wise (http://jeffwise.net/about-the-author/), Mary Schiavo (mschiavo@motleyrice.com), Rick Castaldo (http://bonaros.net/pages/contact.html), Alan Shuster-Bruce (alan_schuster-bruce@inmarsat.com), John Goglia (gogliaj@yahoo.com), Mark Weiss (not readily available), Chris Ashton (chris.ashton@inmarsat.com), David Gallo (dgallo@whoi.edu), Mike Dalton (not readily available), Les Abend (not readily available), Jean-Francios Lepage (not readily available), Najib Razak (not readily available)

    (1) Find MH 370.
    (2) Activate resources not yet made “public”.
    (3) Uncover clues and answer the “begging” questions.
    (4) Apply “public” pressure if this is a covert group or groups.

    Just a little background; I spent fifteen years as a communication engineer with TRW Space and Defense Systems and another fifteen teaching electronics, math, and physics. In these roles I encountered many situations that did not give up their details easily. Many incorrect decisions were made with improper data or misunderstanding of the data. I hope to apply some of this knowledge to the “current” MH 370 issue.

    Laws of physics give up their clues. If this was a land or water “crash”, then clues should have been observed. If this was a covert activity, then things could have been done in an attempt to hide the activities. None of this, if known, has been made “public”.

    Before I continue further, I must warn the readers that keywords in my leading sentences and subsequent sentences could activate the public and government “data miners” who may have noble and not so noble causes. That is why I’m sending this information to so many of the NOVA program participants. Remember, its one thing to investigate what nature gives us, but without knowing the objectives, it another to step on “land mines”.

    As a reference for comparison with MH 370, Air France 447 experienced a water crash in the Atlantic. Two days after the crash and with the location known, the first signs of the crash were spotted. Within twenty-six days, 640 items were recovered including 50 bodies. This is an indication of what the laws of physics can do. The plane’s structure was compromised and numerous items surfaced even though the water depth was 15,000 ft.

    One of the most puzzling mysteries of MH 370 is that no “public” evidence of a crash has been observed anywhere. Near the suspect sites, on beaches, or anywhere on land. This begs the first question:

    Question (1):
    Why has nothing been observed since the disappearance on 2014-03-08?

    Either a crash miracle has occurred in the water without any cabin compromise, or the site is on a remote stretch of land in which the actual flight path was not detected by any primary radars, or the plane was commandeered and landed by a covert group for some unknown reason. If we believe it was a crash miracle, then clearly laws of physics have been violated. This begs the second question:

    Question (2):
    Does anyone believe or is there evidence that water crashes of this size can NOT give up wreckage?

    If we believe Inmarsat’s distance data, the earth’s surface arc depicted by the last of the seven handshakes, and the maximum range of the aircraft, then the end of MH 370 must have occurred on or near this arc as it crosses land and water given by the following:
    – Land
    – the Thailand peninsula,
    – China,
    – Jakarta,
    – Christmas Island, or
    – the West Island of the Cocos (Keeling) Islands
    – Water
    – the South China Sea,
    – the Java Sea, or
    – the Indian Ocean down to Perth, Australia.

    This begs the third question:
    Question (3):
    Are there any of the land sites listed above that do not have primary radars?

    If there are, then these land sites are potential crash sites. If not already done, fly the arc. Ignore the data that suggests the southern Indian Ocean. Remember, you just have to find the land site, if there is one. The black boxes will be there. This search should be relatively inexpensive.

    The water sites beg the fourth question:
    Question (4):
    Why spend so much time, effort, and money on the water sites until “some” form of wreckage or debris absolutely linked to a crash of MH 370 is found?

    We are not saving lives at this time (16 months later). We should not be spending massive amounts of effort without some debris clues. Remember, Air France 447, hundreds of items (the clues).

    This begs the fifth question:
    Question (5):
    Have all of the countries/provinces/islands referred to in my land sites above, that have primary radars, been investigated for their radar data?

    This could support land crossings recorded on radar, similar to the Malaysian military (if valid). Maybe this requires international diplomacy.

    My final question (for now, 2015-07-25) is the difficult one:
    Question (6):
    Could this be a covert act in which the group does not want visibility?

    In this world of heightened terrorism, countries are forced to expand their espionage efforts. Resources and assets are used to access the necessary information required to meet a country’s objectives. As history has shown, these activities conflict, and protection of assets sometimes requires that the “public” interests be neglected with sometimes significant “collateral” damage.

    My primary concern, unless the data changes, is the West Island of the Cocos (Keeling) Islands or Christmas Island. If the suspect southern route is valid, then these islands could be a perfect landing strip for the 777-200 with their 8,000 ft. and 6,900 ft. runways respectively. It would surprise me to find out that these airstrips do not have primary radars (public or military), but if they do, then their proximity to all of the projected southern flight paths could have detected MH 370 and given up better crash data or “maybe” even enabled a landing. Remember, no one knows the disappearance objectives, and every hint of a clue should be pursued.

    For the sake of the 239 lives and the safety of future passengers, we can’t let this go. We must press on!

    If any clues (public or military) can lead to proof that terrorist groups or sinister governments are behind these activities, then they should be deemed acts of war and the international community should punish them accordingly.

    As with 911, we can’t let covert groups of any kind use innocent people as the pawns of their chess games, and jeopardize the safety our public buildings and transportation systems.

    Any feedback on the above six questions would be greatly appreciated and I will assist in any way possible to successfully achieve the above objectives.


    Gerald C. Tucker
    KSS (Knowledge Systems Sciences)

  42. I don’t think your nuts at all. I wrote a similar piece a year ago, only with different suspects, but the same “Neck of the woods” @ http://davenettlesgospelmusic.com/flight370.html

    One other motive, the suspects (whoever they are) may have wanted to also duplicate the aircraft. I also operate a composites shop, so I know it would have been a simple matter to remove that flaperon, made molds from it, duplicated all the associated hardware, load the original in a cargo plane and dump it near Reunion. I does have a lot of damage, like it had been dropped from high altitude.. But still, where are the seat cushions and all the stuff that floats.


  43. Has anyone considered the possible correlation of Malaysian Airlines 2 airplane disasters and the pre-disasters stock price already plummeting causing massive lay-offs?? This being owned 70% by the Malaysian gov’t, the stock actually rebounded after Flight 360 plummet before Ukraine…it seems worthy of serious scrutiny regarding stock buys, shorts, options. Massive layoffs, government majority stock holder???
    • Flight length in complete darkness
    • Was the plane or the passenger(s)
    targeted…if passengers then the
    departure time was amazing luck

    • The sophistry would indicate long-term
    planning which passenger reservations
    would not allow

    • Evading radar, varied communication
    tactics; removing opportunity for
    anyone attempting a distress call until
    all aboard are neutralized and prevent
    location detection until task completed
    possibly meaning the havoc ensued
    and ended during this this time only

    •. Most effective method for ditching the
    plane and passengers to
    minimize witnesses and maximize
    discovery time would be flying it for as
    long and as far out to sea as possible

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