Netflix releases trailer for “MH370: The Plane That Disappeared”

On February 15, 2023 Netflix released the trailer for its three-part documentary series about the as-yet unsolved disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, which will debut on March 8, 2023. I participated quite extensively in the years-long development project, and I think it’s the most detailed and thoughtful documentary on the topic to date.

You can read more about the production at Tudum, Netflix’s companion website.

25 thoughts on “Netflix releases trailer for “MH370: The Plane That Disappeared””

  1. Congratulations Jeff. This must feel like another step on a seemingly endless (and mostly ignored) road. It’s clearly a HUGE step forward, though.

    It’s been very enlightening watching you, and the community that developed around you, investigate and refine your theories on MH370. In my opinion, it’s been journalism- potentially a new and better kind of journalism- at it’s best. And it’s reassuring that you’re happy with the outcome of this documentary; that apparently isn’t always the case.

    I’m not a NetFlix person, but I’ll definitely try and find a way to see this. The people aboard that flight, and their friends, family and other loved ones, are very fortunate to have you in their corner.

    Funny how that works out sometimes. You definitely seemed to be the right person, in the right place, at the right time for this particular tragedy. Congratulations again. Particularly for your tenacity.

  2. Blair, Thank you, that’s incredibly kind of you to say. I hope that you get a chance to see the show and that it lives up to your expectations. Better still, that it will knock loose some people’s misconceptions and spur a reconsideration of the mystery.

  3. Interesting- With all these slick produced but poorly researched MH370 videos released over the last year, I surely hope your research gets more than more than a few scant minutes of airtime. Seeing Blaine Gibson makes me concerned that it may avoid diving into his questionable history, and I sure hope they don’t give hacks like Godfrey additional airtime. Are we going to hear more on the Ukrainians and Russian passengers? The drift and Lepa research? What about the SDU and any new info from experts Boeing and Rolls Royce?
    With so much of the media blindly following the same old debunked dead-end trails, I remain skeptical but hopeful that the producers have given you enough time to present the key evidence to hopefully change the approach so the mystery may someday be solved. Congrats though, Jeff! Don’t have Netflix but will find a way to watch.

  4. Thanks, Dave. I really do think this one is different. Blaine is in it, as is Florence, but as part of a well-rounded presentation of what we know. (No Godfrey, fortunately.) The show doesn’t go so deep as to get into drift and Lepas research but it does achieve what I think is the most important thing at this point, which is to lend credibility to the idea that there is more than one hypothesis consistent with the evidence in hand, and that give the authorities’ failure to find the plane there needs to be a public reckoning with where they went wrong.

  5. Hi Jeff – just a question for you, how do you think the “History’s Greatest Mysteries” episode on MH370 compares to the Netflix documentary?

  6. I came here just now after watching that History’s Greatest Mysteries to see if you had posted about it, only to learn there’s a Netflix series too and you were in it. That’s great, can’t wait to watch it also.

    In the History Channel episode one specific piece of info stood out that I do not recall knowing before, perhaps I just forgot about it after all these years.

    So on the ‘sudden depressurization’ theory the show said that there were maintenance records that the mechanics had done some work on the oxygen tanks before the flight. It didn’t say though if it was just before this flight, or when it was, or what they did. But they were hinting that it could have been human error during that maintenance that caused depressurization and wove that into the theory.

    Was this new info that I just forgot? Jeff do you know what any details about that or have thoughts on the likelihood of that? thanks

    congrats on both shows, even though you don’t like History one much, I still found it enjoyable.

  7. Hey Billy, welcome. Glad you liked the show — if you watch the Netflix one I think you’ll like it even better.
    As to the “sudden depressurization through shoddy oxygen tank maintenance,” it’s one of those ideas that doesn’t really stand up to any scrutiny at all so I haven’t spent much time thinking about it.

  8. Congrats Jeff, I have been on this case for years as you know, and always admired your investigate brilliance and doggedness. Can’t wait to watch the show later.

  9. I’m sure I’ll love the show. Would it be fair to call this series “a Jeff Wise vehicle?”

    And by the way that sucks that there’s no lepas analysis. There had better be some robust Ukrainian furniture industry esoterica.

  10. Hi Jeff

    Hi Jeff – just a thought…. If I were to try and dump a plane I would choose the remotest spot in the Indian/Southern ocean farthest from land. Wiki that location and you’ll see thats where the pilot was headed. May not of gotten there do to fuel but probably programmed the flight nav to get him there.

  11. Salutari Jeff,
    Sunt adept al aventurilor și teoriilor,
    După părerea mea acel MH370 cu siguranța se afla undeva …,
    Nu as vrea sa știu prin ce trec familiile celor dispăruți!

  12. Jeff, great work in the Netflix doc! I’ve been following you for years now.
    Quick question- is the plane pressurization something that can be DE, and then RE-pressurized? So could someone in control of the plane depressurize it to knock out the passengers and crew, re-pressurize it to get to their final destination, and then depressurize it again right before crashing?

  13. Hi Liz, Nice to hear it! Yes, the plane could be depressurized and then repressurized. And then depressurized, if that’s what someone wanted to do.

  14. Hi Jeff,
    Thanks for your amazing contribution/s to the ongoing mystery [or perhaps deception], of MH370 over the past near decade… In the play, Julius Caesar, Shakespeare wrote, “I think he doth protest too much!”. I concur with this statement both in context and out. I believe that the more disgruntled lip service that emerges from certain parties regarding this incident…the more you can believe you are going down the right path. Look for an inverse proportion between the naysayers and the truth. You are a brave champion of uncovering a high-level and nefarious masquerade, as is Florence. Keep up the good work and stay strong against malicious gossip and intimidation. Thank you.

  15. You’re just another conspiracy theorist you deride in the show….without any evidence. Absolute nonsense & a self-publicising bunch of drivel

  16. Hi Jeff, good morning (here),
    I have seen the documentairy about the MH 370.
    At the time I was in England, and driving.
    However, It always kept me busy thinking and also kept my interest.
    I am impressed by the way you analized this, but there were still a few pieces missing in the programm.
    The radius of the plane and capability to reach the end of it’s flight when fuel would ran out and the (in)famous black box which is to believed to keep sending signals even after crashing.
    I personally think, if possible, that the chinese authorities know more.
    Either it has crashed or landed on chinese grounds.
    This medium is too limited to explain my theories but I like to express the way I think about it.

    I certainly would like to throw some thoughts in to help you and all the people involved (incl. families ) to solve this mistory.

    I am looking forward to the time it will.

    Yours sincerely ,

    B. van Bohemen

  17. Loved the Netflix show and your theories! But, I have questions – were satellite visuals at that time, looked at supposing the flight DID go north? The article shown next to this section asks about Boeing action, have they not been involved? If Capt Zaharie’s simulator showed that route before the disappearance, doesn’t that solidify his guilt?

  18. Dear Jeff,

    I haven’t finish the Netflix documentary yet, I’m only at episode 2, and I believe your first two theories are not journalism but Hollywood screenwriting.

    I truly hope you’ve put has much effort into fixing the pilot’s reputation as you did portraying him into a crazy person, « innocent until proven guilty » right? His family doesn’t deserve to be shamed while grieving, and it’s because of journalists like you that rumors and fake news always end up stealing the spot light for the truth. The 2nd theory I was like « has this man ever been on a plane? » do you know how much noise opening this door would make ? Do you realize how many stewards and stewardess are working in the zone between the cockpit and the first class compartment ? Especially around this time when dinner and drinks are being served and taken away ?
    You’re making serious accusations, based on nothing but a cocktail of little informations with a huge splash of creativity… And you’ve been given such huge platforms to peddle your fantasies…

    I truly and sincerely don’t wish to insult you even though it might not seems like it, I just wished you’d have kept your words and really tried to discover the truth and share it. Write for Hollywood. Your creativity is a gift and should be used to entertain not to misinform.

  19. Laura, What I describe in Episode 1 is not my theory but the scenario that is generally accepted as the conventional wisdom, and upon which the seabed search was premised. I warned back in 2015 that while it’s the simplest theory to explain the evidence we have, there’s reason to believe it’s probably wrong.
    All of which is to say, you should watch the rest of the series!

  20. Jeff,

    Did anyone ever look at when the flight tickets were sold? If there really was a late add of cargo and it was of concern to some government, wouldn’t it be possible someone bought a ticket close to takeoff and had something to do with the disappearance?

  21. Matt,
    That’s an interesting idea. As I recall, Florence has written that according to her reporting it’s proven impossible to learn where only two of the passengers bought their tickets — and that these passengers were the two Ukrainians.

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