6 thoughts on “Trailer for Gringo: The Dangerous Life of John McAfee

  1. Based on this clip, the premiere should be a big success today. Look forward to watching it on Showtime.

  2. If only there were facts to your story, instead of just you’re opinion against someone you dislike.

  3. Already receiving great reviews from TIFF, congratulations Jeff!

    …”this captivating film”….

    ….”The pic should be a hit on Showtime, and is more deserving of theatrical exposure than many of the docs that have lately played art houses…..”

  4. @Susie, Thanks again… I just got back from Toronto and it really was amazing to be in a theater with hundreds of people, seeing people I interviewed a year or two ago up on a big screen. Quite unexpected since it started as a TV project (and that’s where most people will see it.)

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