Blaine Alan Gibson Finds 3 Possible MH370 Debris Pieces in Madagascar

The “second” piece


Hot on the heels of a reported possible MH370 piece in South Australia, news reaches us that Blaine Alan Gibson has found three pieces of suspected MH370 debris in Madagascar. This article says, in part:

Three new fragments which could have come from Malaysia Airlines Flight 270 were discovered on the morning of Monday, June 6, on the Island of Nosy Boraha, in the northeast of Madagascar…

These fragments were found by Blaine Alan Gibson, an American businessman, while he was accompanied by a from the France 2 TV show “Complément d’enquête.” They were on a long, almost deserted beach near the village of Sahasifotra, where tons of waste arrive every day from the Indian Ocean.

One piece in particular, 77 cm wide by 50 cm, apparently made by composite materials, strongly resembles another fragment which Gibson found in February on the coast of Mozambique.

” These two fragments are very very similar: the same paint color, the diameter of the attachment holes is identical. and on the back the texture is the same. I believe that it is a piece from MH370,” Blaine Alan Gibson told our colleagues. Two other parts were also found, a smaller panel with the inscription “FB” as well as another plastic part which could be the frame of an economy class seat’s video screen.

The “first” piece


The “third” piece

UPDATE 6/9/16: Here’s a screengrab of a YouTube video showing a Malaysia Airlines 777 economy class seatback (thanks to reader @sk999). The coat hook in particular looks like a good match for the third piece.

Economy class screen

Here’s an even better shot, via @BBCwestcott. Note the color of the fabric around the “COAT HOOK” button:


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  1. Do we know the outcome of the investigation into the 5 persons who checked-in for MH370 but didn’t fly ?

    from Wall Street Journal: « Malaysia is investigating 5 people who checked in to fly on the missing Malaysia Airlines flight but didn’t show up at the gate to board, an official said Monday. The 5 people checked in individually, a Malaysia government official told The Wall Street Journal. »

    The article says it happens all the time and I would understand it if it were a group of 5 people cancelling their voyage.

    Or 5 (independent) no-shows who just don’t show up at the airport at all, I would understand that too.

    But 5 unrelated individuals come to the airport independently, all of them check-in their luggage independently, then all of them don’t board, and all of them had to have their luggage removed from the plane ?

    Isn’t that an unusual high number for a single flight ?

  2. @falken,

    This forum is to discuss matters related to MH370. Please make your irrelevant posts elsewhere.

  3. @Gysbreght

    I would still appreciate your comment on my interpretation and questions of @Oleksands diagram.
    You allready found out what this ‘residual BFO’s’ are about?
    Or were you just teasing again..

  4. So the debris found on Kangaroo Island was not from a Boeing aircraft. Any realistic guess as to what it was? There probably haven’t been too many vanished aircraft in this part of the world.

  5. @OZ @David @others

    @OZ you replied to me; after a shut down of the left engine in flight the APU would start automaticaly.

    While the SDU is powered by the left engine generator my next question was; would there occure a power interuption to the SDU between shut down of the left engine and the starting of the APU triggering a new SDU logon request sequence.
    Maybe you consider this a silly question you don’t like to answer I don’t know.
    That’s why I ask the same to @David (or others).

    I really like to know.
    Hope one of you or both (or others) will comment.

  6. @ABN397

    I guessed last week that the part came from a sailboat. The Hexcel like logo would fit a high tech sailboat ad. Cars and boats tend to put decals on that show how techey the construction is.

  7. Here we go, google translate from swahili:

    Bawa ‘s largest airline limeokotwa and citizens today in the Indian Ocean on the island of Kojani , Pemba . It is not clear is what the airline organization .

    Parts that are remnants of the plane is believed to have been fished in the Indian Ocean to the shores of the island of Pemba Kojani .

    The wing of the plane was found in the sea of the small island of Pemba Island in Zanzibar Kojani , yamezusha great debate among residents of the island , with many believing it is the wing of a plane that disappeared without malaysia commonly known his fate. Flight organization with Malaysia Airlines MH370 mark , iliotoweka 8 March 2014 .

    Although it is still uncertain is the remnant of what birds , experts of air travel that protects the initial stage of the investigation of the remains of the plane .

    Reports say security officials have already begun to investigate the wing and probably not long enough , we get information from the relevant authorities

  8. Susie’s quick on the draw again [thanks!]

    I see that Pemba is at 5 degrees south, north of Zanzibar and far north of even the recent BG finds in Madagascar. And directly west of the Seychelles….

    FWIW, Bing translate gives a slightly more idiomatic rendering of the Swahili text than Google.

  9. @Susie

    Wow what a find. It’s not the other flaperon I think but a surely a wing piece of some kind.
    It’s width is allready over 2m it seems where they stuffing the piece in that shed.
    It must be 3 meters long at least. And also here a big shunck of the trailing edge seems missing on one side.
    Maybe an inboard flap?

    And then the location so far up north..
    If this is MH370 it sure is a very significant find.

    Keep that twitter running Susie 🙂

  10. Glad to be of service! Yes it looks at least 2m doesn’t it. I think they should be a little more gentle with it perhaps..

    Not sure if this would be compatible with existing search area, or not…?

    (apols for my excited swearing in the other post, btw – wish there was an edit button – Jeff, perhaps you can edit out words?)

  11. @Susie

    The latitude is between Diego Garcia en the Maldives.
    If this is MH370 it probably is a very credible indicator the crash area must be up north of the current search area at least.

    But offcourse we have to await further news and hopefully more and better pictures..

  12. @Ge Rijn,

    I’ve pointed out that the turn between 18:40 and 18:41 is not supported by the data. For the rest, since Oleksandr has ‘moved on’, I think it would be better for me to refrain from commenting.

  13. @Susie

    Didn’t meant to get you into trouble 🙂

    Might be a piece of inboard flap. Cannot see what other part of a B777 it would be. Lets hope we can get some better pictures soon

  14. Though the part has the shape of a wing part. It does not jog the memory. Closed large end with no fittings. Surface with no fittings. ???

  15. @Ken Goodwin

    Half way on that leading edge you can see something seems to stick out. Remnants of a hinge?

    That outboard flap has a closed edge imo.
    The rows of fasteners and compartements also seem to correspond if those pictures are compared, also the outside row along that closed edge seems to be visible on that wing picture.

    But we need better pictures offcourse.

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