MH370: Just the Facts, Ma’am

One of the frustrating aspects of falling down the rabbit hole of MH370 is dealing with the sheer volume of information that’s been processed in the last 12 months. A perpetually overlooked item on my to-do list is to bring together all the most crucial information in one well-organized place — I made an attempt with my “What We Know Now” blog post but I never really invested the time and energy to do it justice. Others within the Independent Group proposed putting up a Wiki but somehow that never happened, either. Well, just now Richard Godfrey sent me a link to a honking big pdf with much of the key information presented in graphical form. It’s in a Dropbox file here.

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  1. Sir ,

    Like Every normal person in the world , I was stunned that how an aircraft MH370 cannot be found for such a long period of time . I have been thinking and analyzing all possibilities from my side .

    The following is my wild guess which i would like to consider at least for the sake of discussion or brain storming .

    If MH370 has taken the path of South Arc, it would have ended up in ocean close to Antarctica. Something is preventing MH370 wreckage from surfacing. This could be a vast thick ice sheet or ice berg. So , its my wild guess that the aircraft is under a huge ice sheet or ice berg .

    I would like to consider this possibility at least for the sake of discussion or brain storming exercise .

    Good Luck ,



  2. Bravo Jeff,

    Again, above & beyond.

    52 min’s., of unknown flight path. Estimated speed? Again….are we to believe..with AP in motion? Buzzing the chicken coops & white caps is more like it. Then kicking up his heels into AP, at altitude to fruition….not likely, IMO.

    Matty hit on a good point with his WWII 10 hour round trip scenario with meandering out of the box. Is it so inconceivable that the AP was set to 15000 feet for say six hours, rather than cruising altitude? Determination of the person/s piloting this flight has e-body cross-eyed. That is for a was a flight out of control, But in control….controlled to a point of lost…& that was the intention. His mind had more twist & turns, than a monkey in 100 yards of grapevine.

  3. Still, its unbelievable that no radar track back from IGARI to the Malacca Straights exists publicly even though there is heavy radar coverage according to this PDF.

  4. Personal loss is something we all experience. I’ve lost an Uncle, brother & Mother in the span of a year. But to have loved ones & family just fly off to nothingness with nothing tangible to grasp….hard to comprehend.

  5. I echo Victor’s sentiment that we need to leverage more information out of search leadership. So far, it has been a farce. Whistle-blowers: the stage is now yours.

    I echo Chris’ sentiment: these poor families must be going through HELL.

    @LGH tweeted today that Redditor “GlobusMax” supports Dr. Bobby Ulich’s E84 recommendation; @ALSM replied with a link to a July 3, 2014 paper published by the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) which seems to offer similar support. Thanks to you both for those links.

    I think this puts Concern #7 of my report – which shows how badly the ATSB misrepresented the fuel-feasibility of this location – into the spotlight.

    I first pointed out this misrepresentation to this forum in November:

  6. Whilst I thought this website could be a forum of decent sharing of ideas in finding MH370, sadly its not up to my expectations. I have now banned myself……..

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