Are We Living in a Low-Budget Marine-Themed Horror Movie?

Sea-dwelling animals are running suspiciously amok. There was, of course, the horrible case of the homicidal orca. (Who, it turned out, had already been involved in the death of two other trainers. Maybe it’s time to go back to calling them “killer whales” again, like in the good old days?)

Then there’s the news that the plexiglass tunnel running through the shark tank in Dubai has sprung a leak. Reportedly the tank contained not just a couple, not a few dozen, but hundreds of the deadly fish. And given the state of affairs in Dubai, they probably haven’t been fed in a while.

To round out the trifecta, it turns out that two sea otters aboard a Continental flight escaped from their cage and roamed free inside the plane, causing a flight delay.

Is global warming not only causing the oceans to rise, but to go crazy? Better to be safe than sorry: I’m heading down to the Red Lobster and get myself a seafood platter. It’s us or them.

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